Vietnam is a country with a rich plant based diet cultures dated since thousands years ago, thanks to Mother Earth that giving us a long seacoast, diversify geographic and tropical climate. Thanks to that, our Vietnamese ancestors have been learnt to use natural herbs and plant based foods and drinks not only for nutritious meals but also as a natural healing medicines, to gain a healthy body and happy soul.
With this gifted natural resources, thousand years ago, Vietnamese ancestors started using plants as food, refresh drinks, natural cosmetics to support a good health, radiant skin, hair, nails as well as medicine to treat certain diseases.

Thanks to all the above conditions, nowadays, we can be beneficial from the knowledge of our ancestors and with the development of modern science, we are confident to apply their tips into modern life diet to improve both physical and mental health by using more plant-based diets.
Plant-based food is sustainable to our environment by reducing CO2 from animal- based food, contributes a better food diversification, better animal welfare and helps to save a green earth for our next generations.

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