MONSIEUR LUXE - WE FOOD is delighted to accompany the WEHUB Community and Savills Hotels.

MONSIEUR LUXE - WE FOOD is delighted to accompany the WEHUB Community and Savills Hotels.

The MTE HCMC 2023 conference, which took place on March 30th, was a great success with the participation of over 800 guests. With the theme "Elevating Vietnam's Resort Real Estate," this event provided an important forum for discussing the development and enhancement of the quality of the resort real estate industry in Vietnam. Monsieur Luxe - We Food is proud to have been a part of and contributed to the success of this conference.

The MTE HCMC 2023 conference brought forth many interesting and meaningful activities. It featured workshops at the Grand Ballroom, the SIF Masterclass session, and the lively HoSkar Night networking program. These activities created an intimate and enthusiastic atmosphere with the attendance of over 800 guests.

Monsieur Luxe - We Food, a trusted provider of healthy and nutritious snacks, was present at this event. We specialize in producing products such as nuts, dried fruits, and other snacks for minibars, welcome gifts, hotels, and restaurants. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we aim to bring exciting and healthy experiences to travelers.

Beyond being a snack supplier, Monsieur Luxe - We Food also manufactures premium cookies and special mooncakes for the Horeca channel and corporate gifting. We understand that any successful event requires special gifts to add value and create a unique impression. These are unique and luxurious products, offering not only exceptional flavors but also meticulous attention to detail. We ensure that each of our products is a work of art, bringing absolute satisfaction to customers and recipients.

With a combination of product quality, innovation, and sustainability commitment, Monsieur Luxe - We Food strives to be an ideal partner for businesses in the resort real estate industry.