Monsieur Luxe - Premium Vegan Food and Beverage


Monsieur Luxe is not just a light snack brand, but a lifestyle choice for busy individuals who prioritize health in Vietnam. We offer delicious and nutritious food, prepared from 100% plant-based ingredients, including nuts, seeds, fruits, and whole grains, to preserve natural flavors and nutritional value.

With the growing trend of healthy food, we ensure that all our products are free from additives or harmful chemicals, providing safety and peace of mind for consumers.

We embarked on the journey with Monsieur Luxe in 2014 with a simple mission: to bring convenience and enjoyment to a healthy eating experience. Since then, we have grown from a local brand to a trusted partner of hotel chains, corporations, supermarkets, and premium food stores nationwide and internationally.

Monsieur Luxe's light snacks are more than just regular food products; they represent a statement about lifestyle. We believe that every meal should be an exquisite experience, combining refined flavors and nutritional benefits. Therefore, we maximize the use of fresh and delicious plant-based ingredients to create truly appealing, nourishing, and diverse dishes. We not only focus on delivering high-quality products but also value the customer experience. We emphasize enjoyment and creativity, constantly striving to provide unique and diverse culinary experiences. With each of our light snacks, customers can savor exquisite flavors along with nutritional benefits and convenience.

Our team of culinary experts continuously research and innovate to bring unique and diverse light snacks. We always listen to customer feedback and improve our products to meet the ever-increasing expectations and demands of the market.


Monsieur Luxe is not just a light snack brand; it represents a lifestyle and a commitment to health and refinement. We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy delicious and healthy food without sacrificing convenience and taste. With Monsieur Luxe, you can trust that each product is crafted with meticulous attention, quality, and passion to provide you with a special and satisfying culinary experience.